2021 DELAMAN Award goes to Karolina Grzech

The DELAMAN Award committee is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2021 DELAMAN Award is Karolina Grzech, for her archived collection of documentary materials on Upper Napo Kichwa (quw): Documentation of Language & Culture, which is archived at the Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR). The committee was impressed by the high quality of all of the submissions we received. We reviewed ten submissions for this year’s award, all of which are exemplary collections of multimedia corpora of endangered languages from around the world. After some deliberation, the committee also selected four honorable mentions: Andrew Harvey for his collection of materials on Gorwaa (gow) in ELAR, Christian Döhler for his collection of materials on Bine (bon) in ELAR, Florian Lionnet for his collection of materials on Laal (gdm) in The Language Archive (TLA), and Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada for his collection of materials on Piaroa (pid) in ELAR.

At the moment, ELAR is undergoing a migration, links for the winning collection and three of the honorable mentions housed at ELAR will be added to this announcement as soon as they are available.